2 different routes for the same strategy!

David CALERO RODRIGUEZ, Spanish runner living in Switzerland, finished 12thof the famous MIUT in Madeira (115k and 7100m of elevation and 15h36 of race). The starting list was not far from resembling a small-UTMB (winning of D’Haene, presence of Pazos, Tollefson, Beauxis or Fernandes).

At the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian runner Davide RODI beat his PR on the short course of the Trail des Balcons d’Azur for more than 25 minutes with better race management. He finished 204th upon 580 ranked runners.

If the performances may seem to be far away, their respective preparations regularly meet on major points of the "trail" training:

A strong armor: it is something regular but whose the set-up may differ according to the desires, availabilities or means of the athlete. For one, the condition training is a specific session, isolated from the running with TRX and Swiss-ball exercises. For the other, because of a lack of time, the condition training is married directly with a running session using stairways and bench.

The main goal is to prevent injuries but on a second time, to develop the maximal strength and the muscular efficiency: a better muscular efficiency means a lower energetic cost.

A strict training load monitoring: the dose makes the poison and over-training is not far when you’ve got several lives on a single day! The use of Training Peaks gives me the opportunity to monitor the efforts made by the runners and to have a real picture of what happened in their body. What happens in their head goes by regular emails or phone calls.

A leitmotiv: to have the most regular training all along the year without a long break to get the necessary adaptations for more performance. Even if the runners and the races are different, I’m using the same very simple rhythm of 3 weeks of over-loading for a single week of relative recovery. It’s still the operating mode that I master the best. On the other hand, the contents of a recovery week are different: for one, there will be some days without physical activity when the other will keep his training rhythm but we gonna change the duration and the intensity.

As you can see, 2 athlete profiles, 2 race profiles but a reflection around parameters of the common performance.

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