CYCLING: best for the sprint

If climbing a pass in a fast pacing requires significant energetic resources, sprinting is a substil art!

Beyond the caricature "big legs / big gear", several other parameters come into play and can be used for cyclists of all levels:
1- be well balanced on your bike: not too far ahead to don’t lose traction (tire slipping) and not too far back (ineffective pedaling pattern),
2- be small on your bike: you don’t sprint like you climb an alpine pass. If I sprint, my nose is on the stem and I never feel the wind on my shoulders.
3- know how to create velocity: a sprinter is able to exploit a wide range of pedaling frequency and is very efficient on high frequencies. Knowing that we all have more or less the same gear, it is the one who turns his legs the fastest who will win.

On this video of sprints in World Tour races, look at the winners: they better master these 3 points than their opponents in their victory.

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