CYCLING: Super Tuck scandal!

Last week, it was the beginning of the end of the cycling world with the new UCI security measures intended to eliminate certain situations considered dangerous, including the "Super Tuck" downhill position or the TT position (without aerobar). 

On social networks and the press, for the pros, it’s a disaster (for example here

): it is unacceptable, it sucks as a decision of the UCI! 

Almost the impression to impose the use of square wheels in the climbs while this decision is taken for the safety of the competitors.

Trentin say 800 pros cyclists had been consulted about this but only 16 athletes had given their opinion: “no one can say they haven’t been informed”!

Ok, it is true that the pros have a relatively good mastery of the exercise, but one day, it’s possible to see a death live on TV, the kids to try the experience on the open road with their "very relative" level of piloting or a cyclist playing bowling in the pack in a pass downhill to win 3 places in the classification. 

Ultimately, this decision to ban the "Super Tuck" downhill position or the TT position (without aerobar) will not change the hierarchy of a race but will limit the risks: when you don’t know how to descend, you are out!! 

We will see slower descents about 10km/h on TV and that’s all. 

I don't remember if the obligation to wear a helmet caused so much excitement ... do you remember?

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