Cycling – Tri: define the targets to be reached on a HIIT session

A vast subject, everything depends on the context of the training.

At the university, when studying the field of interval training, my teachers used athletics regularly for convenience. They transmitted to us tables defining that for such distance, we run to such a percentage of the VO2. For us, young coaches, it was great because they give us a method to use directly on a track of athletics!!

In reality, we must nuance:

  • What is the goal of the training? Development of a quality, tapering,…?
  • What block for this training? Far from all competitions, in a competitive phase, in the tapering phase?
  • What is the level of fitness of the athlete? At 200%, 100%, 75%, 0% ....

So, let’s take a typical session, for example, 10 x 40" fast” / 20 "slow", it will not have the same power target during the “fast” 40 seconds. It is stupid to give an invariable percentage of CP6 to respect because we are making a 40-seconds effort. The coach must adjust the target. 

But again, the success of a training plan is due to the fact that the athlete/coach couple adjust "the best" the training load to allow maximum progress with controlled tiredness.

So you will quickly understand that I am not going to offer you a table with beautiful HIIT sessions and give you the percentages of CP6 - VO2 associated with the duration of the effort.

By answering the questions above, you will broaden your thinking with the risk of not finding the answer immediately but at least the measurement and recording of the power will allow you to learn from your decision-making.

Frédéric HURLIN -

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