Cycling – tri: What to do with a RPP?

I have already talked about it before but a Record Power Profile makes it possible to validate the good evolution of a training protocol and to validate its relevance in relation to the qualities/defaults of the athlete and the characteristics necessary for the performance in competition.

In parallel, it allows us to set up power targets for the training or the race (except races with a  pack).

When a coach prepares a training session, whether it be an LDST session or a HIIT session, we must create borders for the effort. It removes some magic feeling but training and competition require this seriousness.

Let's take a concrete example: we can easily switch from a Long Distance Slow Training (60-75% of VO2) to a ride over FTP (lactic threshold) if we push to more to follow our cycling club’s friends or we sprint at every road signs. 

The physiological impact is massive: on one hand, we are looking for active recovery or will to facilitate the lipids using during exercise; on the other hand, some lactates will still be produced, and the glycogen reserves will be quickly grilled.

Having a goal of power to respect for its training avoids mistakes, but this induces a greater individualization of the training.

Of course, we should not practice cycling with a permanent look on the screen of the GPS but it must be understood that each pedal push builds or destroys the fitness progression.

And for training club sessions: remember that a good position in a group even small limits the power to develop and give the opportunity to stay in the power zone despite the high average speed of the pack.

Many cyclists or triathletes make their HIIT sessions on home trainers.

Several reasons for this: no problem with the traffic especially and, the advantage of connected home trainers is to calibrate the ride.

The coach can clearly define a target to reach during the session but also the power to maintain during the active recovery (if it has been defined that the recovery was active).

We maximize the impact of an interval training but we will keep in mind that according to the HT model, the power can be radically different compared to an out-door training!

Frederic HURLIN -

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