Cycling – triathlon: test your engine #2

Last week, we talked about the medical cycling test: it is both a preventive assessment but also a way of collecting important data for training.

For example, all along with the evaluation, lactate measurements make it possible to precisely determine the ventilatory thresholds (in France, we are not using only FTP):

  • the aerobic threshold when the subject exceeds 2 mmol.l-1: this "moment" is defined as the threshold for the appearance of lactates and is, therefore, the indication of greater help from the anaerobic lactic pathway. However, the production of lactates remains controlled by recycling them by the active muscles (lactate shuttle) and the liver.
  • the anaerobic threshold when the subject exceeds 4 mmol.l-1: this “moment” is defined as the lactate accumulation threshold, the inability to recycle them for energy quickly and therefore the takeover of the anaerobic lactic pathway to maintain the effort.

The values ​​used have been defined in relation to statistical values ​​and do not necessarily represent the reality of the functioning of each athlete. Regular and continuous measurement makes it possible to see the lactate kinetics and to precisely define the breaks (the threshold) on a curve showing the values ​​collected.

When the 2 thresholds are defined, we can cross-define the power and the HR for each of them.

In addition to the “GO” from the cardiologist, we leave with a summary of this type:

The main interest of a medical test is the evaluation of good cardiovascular health during cycling exercise.

This is a marked deficiency in our French medical evaluation system; too many competitive athletes race without evaluation and faced with marked cardiac risks such as rhythm dysfunctions which can be fatal.

One of the last significant cases is the Michael Goolaerts’ death on 2018 Paris-Roubaix. The 23-year-old rider of the Verandas Willems-Crelan team is found in cardio-respiratory arrest on the road and the analyzes will show that his death is linked to a not detected Sudden death.

If you do not have a quality "medical platform" near your home, prefer an advanced cardiological medical visit accompanied by a maximal power test on the road.

Frédéric HURLIN -

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